Katies Crossing

-- https://vimeo.com/238306171 , https://vimeo.com/238311757 , https://vimeo.com/238321040 , https://vimeo.com/238327031 , https://vimeo.com/238334004


Katies Crossing is a five part queer mystery series revolving around two Katies who find each other, like each other, and mysteriously transform each other. One Katie is an investigative journalist hot on the trail of a conspiracy involving a hot dog company, trash, and rivers. The other Katie is a dog walker turned newly famous YA fiction ebook author. They must try to remain themselves as they unravel the mystery of what's on the other side of the crossing.

Written by Sally Lawton, Max Wirt, Katy Albert, and Katie Williams. Directed by Sally Lawton and Max Wirt.


-- https://vimeo.com/227071257


The Confidence video was created for the live event, Therapy Sessions, in July 2017 on the theme of confidence.

Video collaboration with Max Wirt. Therapy Sessions is hosted by Seth Vanek in Chicago, IL.

Video! Video! Zine Performance

 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzde1tcbUOE&feature=youtu.be


This performance is a narrative re-presentation of the five featured videos from Katy Albert’s guest curation on Video! Video! Zine in May 2017. To view the referenced videos and writing, visit Video! Video! Zine: http://videovideozine.com/wp/2017/05/06/katy-albert-guest-curation-may-2017/

Video documentation by Taylor Glendora Buck.

Vaseline Screen

 -- http://sincerely.tv/vaselinescreen/


Vaseline Screen is a serial one-woman romp in the world of gross out tv. The host subjects herself to all number of disgusting liquids, solids, smells, and experiences to the delight and horror of the viewing audience.

This show is a collaboration between Katy Albert and Sincerely TV Productions.

Wet Sponge

-- https://vimeo.com/152437554 

This video is password protected due to nudity, please email katyalbert@gmail.com for access.

password: yes


In Wet Sponge, Mothergirl channel the semi-organic forms and abstracted sentimentality of Morgan Richardson’s ceramic work. Mothergirl perform in and on their sculpted landscape of two large, wet sponges embedded with waterproof contact microphones. Nudity and sound manipulation (distortion from the microphones) are used to amplify moments of tenderness, rage, care, and vulnerability between the two women. The environment is friendly yet uncanny; the play is boundless and joyful.

Wet Sponge was originally created and performed in conjunction with Morgan Richardson’s MFA ceramics exhibition “Buttermilk Biscuits” in 2015. Documentation by Blair Bogin.


One Half Hour of Wiggling

-- https://vimeo.com/115585719


One Half Hour of Wiggling is a reality entertainment program. Three characters wiggle their bodies at various locations. An omniscient voice narrates the ensuing conflict between the three wigglers. Like a half hour long reality television show streaming from the internet, the action cuts away from time to time to go to commercial break, but there are no commercials. Teasers and recaps orient the audience in these moments of transition.

One Half Hour of Wiggling was created for ACRE TV and streamed live for Direct Object/Direct Action February – March 2015. The video is a collaboration between Mothergirl and artist Blair Bogin.

E.S.P. TV Episode #76 & #77

-- http://www.esptv.com/2015-season-five/2015/5/25/esp-tv-76 , http://www.esptv.com/2015-season-five/2015/7/26/esp-tv-77



Mothergirl’s performances in E.S.P. TV #76 & #77 are short serial episodes. Characters Gina and Candice express relationship tensions resulting from a bad haircut, spilled nail polish, and embarrassing television appearances.

Mothergirl performed with ONO, Nick Ciontea, Fern Silva, and Matchess. The video was filmed live at the Nightingale Cinema in Chicago, IL.

Live video mix and manipulation by Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie

Cameras by: Jesse Malmed, Christy LeMaster, Ian Curry

Progress in the World of Fantasy

 - https://vimeo.com/106052425

This video is password protected due to nudity and strong content, please email katyalbert@gmail.com for access.

password: pepperjack



Progress in the World of Fantasy is an experimental performance and music piece addressing notions of projected desire and the female performing body. Viewers are initiated into an environment wedged between pleasure and revulsion — a landscape of desire, object worship, bodily mess, and song. The work was created and performed in collaboration with musician and artist Whitney Allen.

Progress in the World of Fantasy was a performance tour through the Eastern United States in 2015. Documentation by Blair Bogin at Tritriangle, Chicago, IL.

Garbage World


TEXT: A comedian and a heckler argue over who cares more about Hair People during a stand-up set.

Garbage World 7, performance documentation by Eileen Doyle.