Facehole is a grotesque, slapstick drama at a dentists’ office. A collaborative performance with Jill Flannigan at Dogleach for Underground Performance on April 27, 2018.

Image by Nabil Vega.


Romance is an episodic drama unfolding amidst several backdrop and costume changes. Comprised of text, actions, and short scenes, it shows isolated figures caught up in their own lives and minds; funneling intense rage, comedy, and conviction with the fever pitch of the contemporary mindset.

Romance was performed on tour in August of 2017 at Pinky Swear (Chicago, IL), PJ’s Lagerhouse (Detroit, MI), Living Room (Toronto, ON), Drones (Montreal, QC), Vital Joint (New York City, NY), Fort Cheese (Providence, RI), EMP (Baltimore, MD), Hive Mind (Akron, OH).

Backstage VIPs

Backstage VIPs creates the ultimate performance art experience. Audience members are given exclusive access to the artist in their backstage dressing room, provided with food and drink, given insight to the onstage action pre, mid, and post performance. Onstage the artist presents their well-loved persona, The Character Who Lost Their Voice.

The Backstage VIPs was performed on tour in April 2017 at The Compound (Chicago, IL), Magic Lanes (Seattle, WA), Neurolux (Boise, ID), Daley’s Clothing (Salt Lake City, UT), Backspace (Denver, CO), Front/Space (Kansas City, MO), and The Split (Des Moines, IA).

big list of stuff

Big List of Stuff follows the Character Who Lost Their Voice throughout their daily routine of chores and errands. The tasks are transposed into the surreal form of foam objects, which the Character shuffles through to check off everything on her list. Big List of Stuff was performed in Chicago, IL at No Nation Gallery in November of 2016.